Got home from camping on Saturday!

After a week of vacation I’m happy to be back home. It was nice relaxing, fishing and not having to worry about work.

Surprisingly I didn’t gain any weight while I was gone which makes me super happy! Especially when I didn’t eat very healthy. I’m ready to go back to the gym and get on track with my healthy eating routine. 

My butt is feeling the burn!

Today I tried my new gym’s boot camp that is every Wednesday. Even though it was only 30 minutes, it kicked my butt! I’ve never done so many squats in my life!

It’s nice to start seeing progress; everyone is always mentioning that I look good and that they could notice a difference.

I’ve got to keep going!

Doing good so far!

I’ve gone to the gym 3x already in July and if I focus on healthy eating I should lose some weight by next week. I’ve been craving some progress and haven’t lost anything since the middle of June.

Fingers Crossed

Enjoying my lemon detox water while at work :D

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So there is this boy…

and he happens to be my boyfriend. I’ve never had a guy like him before and it’s just so nice to forget about past problems and still see the love we have for each other. We’ve been together a little over 2 years with a few breaks in between, and I still see myself being with him for a long time. 

He makes me feel good about myself and I’m in love <3

June Update

This month wasn’t as good as May but I didn’t lose too much progress.

Even after being sick for the first 2 weeks and ran out of money for a gym membership I still got to 169lbs

I think making healthy eating choices ever now and again helps, and swimming must have helped enough to not gain any weight.

Tomorrow I’m going to weigh in and put away the scale. I just want to focus on my gym goals instead of obsessing over how much weight I’m losing.

Tomorrow is 41 days till I turn 21! 

I need to kick butt in July!

Finally got my new gym membership!

My new gym is awesome! It’s open 24 hours, I use a key card to get in whenever I want, and it’s 5-10 min away from my house. It’s only 20$ a month and there is free boot camp every Wednesday! I can’t wait! 

I’m ready to lose 10 more pounds :D

I’m in the 160’s!!

I finally saw 169 on the scale this morning :D

Now, no more weighing myself till July 1st

I’m going to be trying to go to my new gym every day till then. We’ll see what happens

If you don’t use the PumpUp App! Sign up NOW :)

It’s like an easier version of tumblr but it’s only for fitness! 


Username - day_dreamer

I haven’t worked out since the 1st and it’s been killing me cause I feel like I’m losing all the progress I did in May. I was getting over a cold the past couple of weeks and I ran out of money to buy a gym membership. I wasn’t going to weigh myself till the end of the month but I really wanted to see where I was at. I only gained a pound!!! I love it when the scale shows you the number you want.

I can’t wait till I get paid on Friday… New gym here I come! 

25 Day Challenge!

Starting on Saturday June 21st I’m going to be doing a little challenge.

EVERY DAY till July 15th

  • 25 - 90 degree crunches
  • 25 - Bicycle crunches
  • 1 minute - Plank
  • 1 minute - Plank push ups
  • 15 - Regular push ups
  • 10 - Shoulder Press w/ dumbbells
  • 10 - Bicep curls w/ dumbbells 
  • 10 - Triceps extensions w/ dumbbells 
  • 10 - 90 degree chest fly  w/ dumbbells 

This cold I got from work is throwing off my progress! I need to get better!

Signing up for a new gym!

I just found a closer gym that is only a few blocks from my house open 24 hours!

It’s 25$ a month with a 20$ start up fee

& There is a free boot camp class on Wednesday’s.

I can’t wait to go in and check it out :D

This is what my month of MAY looked like :D

The blue scribbles are when I went to the gym

The green stars are the days I didn’t eat meat

Now to do better in the month of JUNE!

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Nothing like smoking a bowl after a hard day of work and going to the gym ;)